Booking process

1. Allocate workshop time

Select from our Service List.
Allocate workshop time by selecting date and time from the available slots.  Add the service to your cart and checkout! (You may be prompted to login or create an account if you haven't already)

2. When and where? 

Select a postcode for approximate location in which you'd like us to collect the bike from.  Choose a date, and a time window for when you'd like us to collect the bike.

3. Assessment on arrival

We'll assess the bicycle and give an estimation of any additional costs.

4. Quotation

Full assessment of your bicycle.
You'll be emailed a link to images or a video of any worn parts with an attached quote/payment instructions.

5. Payment

When the quote is approved and invoice paid, the work can begin.

6. Arrange collection/delivery date & time

We'll be in touch to arrange collection/delivery of your bike as soon as it is ready.