Terms and Conditions

Service Plan

Unlimited labour - Appointments made via website.

Minimum of 12 months subscription, then ongoing until cancelled.

Special offer prices remain for minimum of 12 months.  You'll be notified if payment increases beyond the 12 month period.

One Service Plan required per bicycle.

Missed payments/grace period

Missed payments will result in suspended services.  Grace period - Missed payments will be automatically requested up to 4 times over a 3 week period.  If payment has not been received within the grace period, it will result in cancellation of service, and may incur a final settlement charge (see cancellation policy).

Cancellation Policy 

You can choose to cancel the 'Service Plan' at any time, however, you will be charged the difference between the price of work that's been received, and the total membership value that you have already paid.  In the case you have paid more in membership fees than work received, these payments are non refundable.  Cancellation processed within 21 days.